Art-Science Integration

The ArtFusion Art Integration Mentors (AIM) project, in collaboration with Allied Arts of Yakima, provides regional classroom teachers with in-depth art integration training. AIM engages classroom teachers in the arts by delivering hands-on visual arts experiences that teach the elements of art and principles of design. Teachers team up with a regional art mentor who assists classroom educators in developing and implementing an integrated art lesson to their students. The AIM lessons are searchable and available  from an online database. Teachers demonstrate an understanding of the elements of art and principles of design, which allows them to instruct students on those skills through integrated arts instruction.

What is Art Integration?
Art integration is instruction that integrates content, skills and specific state outcomes from the arts—dance, music, theater, and the visual arts—with other core subject area outcomes. Art integration occurs when there is a seamless blending of the content and skills of an art form with those of a co-curricular subject. These lessons provide students with a more meaningful learning experience that engages students at a new level of understanding. Click here for research on the arts and learning. For more information on the visual arts visit the Understanding the Arts page.

Within the AIM project, art integration involves teachers of non-arts subjects working alongside arts specialists and local artists to create collaborative lesson plans that infuse the visual arts into non-arts subjects such as math, science, language arts and social studies. In arts integrated classrooms, students score higher on achievement tests and demonstrate an increase in critical thinking skills, self-confidence and retention. Visit our Arts Education Research page at the ArtFusion wesite ( for more information.

Art-Science Integration Project
Available arts funding from the U. S. Department of Education has provided the ArtFusion project to work collaboratively with AIM trained classroom teachers who have also been trained in the regional science cooperative kits. These teachers came together to create integrated art and science lesson that work directly with the ESD 105 science kits. In all 10 booklets were published representing 10 of the science kits. You will find the resulting work in the links below.
Each of the lessons below have been distributed to all science kit trained teachers in the region totalling 1,730 booklets.
To view all ASI lessons on the ArtFusion website, click on the "Show All ASI Lessons" button below or use the table to view individual lesson documents.
(at the ArtFusion lessons page, click on Print View button, select lesson and click on the Print Preview Detail View button)


Integrated Art/Science Lessons

kindergarten first grade second grade

Life Cycle of Butterflies


Balancing & Weighing





third grade fourth grade fifth grade

Plant Growth

Rocks and Minerals

Motion & Design

Animal Science

Space Science

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